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PIF Invests £250,000 In Refurbishment Of 1000 Tonne Press

1000 tonne press

Proclad International Forging (PIF) has invested £250,000 in refurbishing its 1000 tonne press as it looks to enhance its reputation for delivering forged components to the highest standard of quality.

The 1000 tonne press is a key element in the production process and whilst it was continuing to meet the industry tolerances, Proclad has shown its commitment to delivering a world class solution.

The project will see the press being completely dismantled, replacing the hydraulic systems and incorporating state of the art controls and safety design features.

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Innovative New Polymer Quenching Technique Launched

Polymer Quenching Technique

Proclad Heat Treatment has unveiled an innovative new polymer quenching system which is primarily designed to treat AISIS 8630M non solid components and deliver the exact mechanical properties required.

The launch comes after 2 years of testing of the technique which uses an aquaeose polymer to cool the alloy grade very quickly but whilst maintaining the required viscocity operating window level.

The results have been astounding with a virtually 0% failure rate and proving to be clean after ultra sonic testing. 

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Proclad Group Launch Independent Forged Materials Company

The Proclad Group, which includes FTV Proclad, Proclad Induction Bending and Proclad Heat Treatment, has launched an independent forged materials company to offer a dedicated supply of raw materials to the engineering sector.

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FTV Proclad Investing £6 Million in State of Art CNC Technology

FTV Proclad is investing in excess of £6 million in the latest CNC technology as it looks toward a period of sustained growth with an order book which is at record levels in the company’s 40 year history.

The company which employs 140 people at its Glenrothes site in Viewfield Industrial Estate has seen a significant increase in demand in recent months and thanks to RSA grant funding from Scottish Enterprise is able to make the massive investment which is set to create additional job opportunities.

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Pro Inspection Has UKAS Accreditation Extended

ProInspection UKAS Accreditation Testing Centre

Proclad’s independent mechanical testing company, Pro Inspection, has demonstrated its superior levels of quality by having its UKAS accreditation extended to include Pitting Corrosion, Macro Assessment Analysis, Grain Size Analysis, Volume Fraction and Austenite Spacing.

The company was originally formed in 2011 with an investment of over £600,000 to provide the Proclad Group with an independent mechanical testing facility which could be offered as part of its turnkey solutions.

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