FTV Proclad’s New Operation Manager Sets New Standards

FTV Proclad International’s new operations Manager, Colin Maxwell, has outlined his plans for transforming the capacity and efficiency of the company’s Glenrothes headquarters as it looks to re-establish its reputation as market leader.

Colin initially served his apprenticeship with ITS Tooling, part of the Proclad Group, some 10 years prior, and has since gone on to gain extensive machining and management experience in the engineering sector working with major suppliers to the aerospace, petrochemical and oil and gas sectors.

After examining all aspects of the operations in the machine shop, from programming to tooling and manufacturing methods, Colin is now implementing his change programme which is focused on 3 key areas:

  • Increasing Capacity
  • Improving Quality
  • Achieving 100% Ontime Delivery

Colin explained, “When I was doing my apprenticeship, FTV Proclad was seen as one of the best engineering companies in the world and we want to recreate that position on the market.  There has clearly been significant investment over the years as the quality of machines is very high. My role is simply to get the most out of them so that we can facilitate the needs of our customers.”

He continued, “We have already embarked on a recruitment programme to provide an insight boost to capacity, however, the real opportunity is to capitalise on the extensive knowledge and skills of the existing workforce who together have decades of experience in delivering high quality and complex machining solutions.”

Working closely with General Manager, John Butchart, Colin has already made significant changes to the operations, redesigning the entire scheduling process to improve transparency and drive efficiencies.

At the heart of the programme is building a strong team culture which encourages new ideas and promotes a good work life balance which Colin hopes will enable Proclad to attract and retain the talent he is aiming for.

Colin commented, “The engineering sector has traditionally been driven by operators working 7 day weeks and spending hours travelling to and from work, whereas we are looking to get the best out of our team with new shift patterns and an attractive rewards package.”