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Proclad heat treatment
Proclad heat treatment now offer Polymer quenching to complement the water quench facilities.
Proclad Group
The Proclad Academy Receives Initial Approval from the KDHA
Proclad Group
The Proclad Group signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the world’s leading authority on Welding Technologies
Proclad Group
Proclad welcomes you to Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).
Proclad Group
Proclad Group Announce participating in ADIPEC 2008. You can visit us at Stand 34 | Hall 11
Proclad Group
Proclad welcomes you to Tube 2008
Proclad Group
FTV Proclad receives order from Korean EPC contractor.
Proclad Group
FTV Proclad (U.A.E) received the first order from Oliver Valves.
Proclad Group
FTV Proclad (U.A.E) Weld overlay capacities increased by 20 folds during the year 2007.
Proclad Group
FTV Proclad (U.A.E) spool fabrication shop established for startup December 2007.

Proclad Group's global core manufacturing capabilities offer integrated, cost-effective engineering solutions for CRA weld overlay clad products. Throughout its 40-year history, Proclad Group has made a commitment to research and development and has applied continuous training to ensure its attention to the environment and remain a world leader in CRA clad technology. Today, that ethic has made the company a world manufacturing leader and has allowed it to greatly expand its operations and services.

Search the company's website for information on services offered at Proclad Group's multiple locations worldwide. Services include:

  • Mechanical cladding of lined pipe
  • Pipe weld overlay cladding
  • Weld overlay cladding of all fittings, flanges, X-MAS trees, valves, and other components
  • Forgings
  • Butt welding services, including 3D and 5D pipe bends
  • Pipe Fittings including induction pipe bends
  • CNC machining of oil field equipment
  • Heat treatment services
  • Induction bending
  • Pipe welding/fabrication, including shop spooling and site installation
  • Oxy-fuel coating
  • Total project management
  • Valve repair and refurbishment
  • Manufacture of valves and oil field equipment

Proclad Group utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, which has been tested to improve time and cost efficiency while also improving quality. Ongoing refinement of the company's pipe fabrication and cladding processes helps further enhance its services and products and helps the company develop comprehensive in-house solutions for its clients. Whether the project calls for induction bending, cladding, valve repair, weld overlay, spool fabrication, site welding or any one of Proclad's other services, Proclad will assume project management to ensure efficiency and a high-quality result. For unmatched expertise in the fabrication of pipe, cladding, and heat treatment, choose Proclad.



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